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BlackOtter™ Tactical Multi-Function Aluminum Self Defense Pen
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BlackOtter™ Tactical Multi-Function Aluminum Self Defense Pen

* Includes 1 year risk-free guarantee!
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“The ULTIMATE Tactical Pen for Safety AND Protection

  • Smash through glass when stuck in car
  • Protect yourself from an attacker
  • Write in rich, easy to read ink
  • Won't Ever Break
  • Lightweight and simple to maneuver

DEFEND Yourself in an Attack Situation 

You never know when you might need to protect yourself or loved ones from an attacker. 

BlackOtter™ gives you the tool to incapacitate any would be attacker that poses a threat.

Keep it in your pocket at all times so you're always ready.

Escape From Trapped Cars Fast!

BlackOtter™ not only provides self-defense, but also helps you escape dire situations.

If you're ever in a major car accident and can't open the door, now you have another option.

Smash through window glass with ease so you can escape the peril.

Write With Vibrant, Rich Ink 

Premium deep ink make writing with BlackOtter™ a pleasing experience.

It's smooth and really easy to read.

The deep black color ensures your writing stands out more than any other pen!

The HIGHEST Quality of Durable Material

Aerospace grade aluminum alloy make up the body of BlackOtter™ pens.

It won't ever bend, snap, or break, even in the toughest situations.

Defend yourself or escape from vehicles without worrying about your pen snapping in half.

The aluminum can handle anything you throw at it!

Super Easy to Use!

BlackOtter™ is lightweight and optimally shaped for a comfortable hold.

No matter what you're using it for, it'll be a breeze to maneuver around. 

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See What Our Customers Have to Say!

  It works!

"Lightweight and awesome....does everything they say it'll do. Works great. Does break glass. I should have filmed it, but I promise it breaks glass."

Robert Treon


"This pen is awesome!!! I bought 5 of these pens, for myself and my loved ones. It is a very nice, sturdy pen, that should come in handy, should I need to use it, either for self defense, or to escape from a vehicle, by breaking the glass. The pen also writes well. I like that it is discreet. Nobody would suspect that my cool pen, that I carry in my uniform shirt pocket, could end up protecting me, in a crisis situation."

Zack Smith

  High quality tactical pen - it's a keeper

"Well designed perfect weight - solid feel but not to heavy. Strong clip, cap fits well. Smooth writing as well. I put in right in my brief case. I looked at a number of pens, you can't go wrong with this design. I would buy this again."

Mark J.

  True Tac Pen

"This is my third tac pen to own. First is a Schrade, decent enough, write well however two issues. The cap falls off, friction fit, doesn’t snap into place, second the threaded writing cartridge end comes unscrewed. I can fix it with a thread locker but shouldn’t have to. Second pen is a Gerber, I like it a lot because it’s a click to write and fits my hand well. Expensive! This Black Otter is my favorite though, fits my hand, cap snaps on and the writing end doesn’t unscrew by its self. Don’t take this through TSA, they will keep it."

Christopher Walkins

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Product Specs

Material: aerospace aluminium alloy

Dimensions: 155 * 10 mm

Package Includes:

1 x BlackOtter™ Pen

Our 1 Year Risk-Free Guarantee

We are so sure you will LOVE it that we offer a 1 year guarantee on this one.

If you aren't satisfied with this product - for any reason at all - just send it back and we will rush your refund to your card.

No risk!

But Hurry - Supply Running Out Fast!