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Balistak™ Tactical Rifle Buttstock Ammo Holder
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Balistak™ Tactical Rifle Buttstock Ammo Holder

* Includes 1 year risk-free guarantee!
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QUICKLY Access Your Ammo When Every SECOND Counts!”

  • Instantly Grab Bullets to Reload Without Searching for them
  • Holds 7 Rounds to Keep You Fully Stocked at All Times
  • Universal Design Fits on to All Kinds of Consumer Rifles
  • Rest Your Cheek Securely Using the Non Slip Cheek Pad
  • Triple Strap Adjustment Provides the Perfect Fit for Your Rifle

All Your Ammo in ONE, Easy to Reach Place 

When you're out for a hunt or in a dangerous situation, every second counts.

If you find yourself fiddling around, digging for your bullets instead of quickly reloading - you're wasting precious time.

Your trophy animal could escape, or your attacker could reach you. And it's all because your ammo isn't conveniently located.

Balistak™ gives you access to your ammunition fast.

Now you can hold 7 rounds right on your buttstock for instant access when you need them. 

Don't waste time searching for bullets any longer. Get to them in a snap!

Universally Designed for All Kinds of Rifles!

Balistak™'s versatile build is its secret to success. 

No matter what kind of rifle you own, you can be sure the ammo holder will fit snug. 

The following rifles are compatible (but not limited to):

  • M1A, M16A1, M4, M16A4
  • G36, G3
  • AK47, AKM, AK74
  • FAMAS.Ruger 44 
  • And more!

Find Your Own Perfect Fit

Use Balistak™'s triple strap adjustment to achieve the most comfortable fit to your rifle. 

It's even built for ambidextrous usage.

Regardless of what your dominant hand is, you can get equal benefit from using Balistak™

Rest Your Cheek Securely WITHOUT Risk of Slipping 

Balistik™ comes with a built in padded cheek rest.

It's super comfortable and designed with an anti-slip grip. 

Now you can rest your cheek securely while aiming your rifle down range.

And you won't have to worry about your cheek slipping around.

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See What Our Customers Have to Say!

  Versatile, practical, well priced

"I am very happy with this. It is easy to adjust and move from one gun to another. It holds both rifle and shotgun ammo. I haven’t beaten it up too much in the field but it feels well made and durable. Definitely recommend"

John Stewart


"I tried numerous products like this and hated them all the others were either she cries too high or too big in general but this one i love this one is the best cheek rise is perfect not too high not too low and solid product not too small not too big fully adjustable and for the price I paid couldn't be happier. I couldn't think of a rifle that this would not fit clean on"


  Fits my Remington perfect

"Fits my Remington 783 perfect. 6.5 creedmoor cartridges fit great and they don’t slip off or anything. I haven’t had the chance to test it out on the field yet. So far so good and no complaints from me."

Maurisio G.

  Great value and great product.

"Seems well made despite being manufactured in China. Durability and functionality were uppermost in my mind while shopping for one of these. There's plenty of space in the zipper pouch. The install was quick and easy and the fitment is great. I installed it on my Bergara B14 Ridge in 300 winmag. I wouldn't try to stuff anything larger than these in the rifle round slots. Overall I highly recommend this stock pouch!"

Nick Alumburg

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Product Specs

Dimensions:  (L) 7.2 x (H) 4.4 x (W) 1.7 inches

Material: 600D Oxford Cloth

Weight: 0.2 kg

Applicable Rifle Models: M1A, M16A1, M4, M16A4, G36, G3, AK47, AKM, AK74, FAMAS.Ruger 44 

Package Includes:

1 x Balistak™ Ammo Accessory

Our 1 Year Risk-Free Guarantee

We are so sure you will LOVE it that we offer a 1 year guarantee on this one.

If you aren't satisfied with this product - for any reason at all - just send it back and we will rush your refund to your card.

No risk!

But Hurry - Supply Running Out Fast!

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