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Husky™ Stainless Steel Deburring External Chamfer Tool
Husky™ Stainless Steel Deburring External Chamfer Tool
Husky™ Stainless Steel Deburring External Chamfer Tool
Husky™ Stainless Steel Deburring External Chamfer Tool
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Husky™ Stainless Steel Deburring External Chamfer Tool

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QUICKLY Deburr Even the Roughest Nuts and Bolts!

  • Repair Damaged Bolts Fast: remove burr from your bolts quicker than ever before
  • Tighten Nuts in Place: ensure nuts are tightly placed without coming loose
  • Use On Wide Range of Material: effective on steel, aluminum, copper, wood, fiberglass and more
  • Works With Any Chuck Drill: no matter what kind of chuck drill you have, Husky™ will fit
  • Lasts a Lifetime: a rock solid stainless steel build makes the deburrer as durable as they come

Smooth Out Damaged Bolts With EASE

Now you won't need any more help when doing repairs around your home.

Using Husky™ is easy. Just slap it right on to your drill and start repairing nuts and bolts fast.

Layer by layer metal shearing technology allows you to smooth out your pieces quickly.

Stop using expensive hardware or cumbersome methods. This tool is the only one you'll ever need to deburr your bolts.

Effective On All Kinds of Material

Husky™ was designed to work with a multitude of materials.

It's effective on steel, aluminum, wood, fiberglass, copper, and way more!

No matter the medium, Husky™ will do its job to make your life easier.

As Convenient As Can Be!

Not only does this tool work with plenty of materials, but it fits any chuck drill too!

No need to worry about whether or not it'll attach onto yours. Husky™'s universal design ensures it will. 

And when you're not using it, you can carry it around anywhere you want.

Its small and portable build means it can fit in your pocket no problem!

Durability at its Finest

Husky™ was created using pure stainless steel. 

Unlike other products with weaker material, this tool won't shatter after just a few uses.

Use Husky™ reliably over and over again for every task you require. It'll last you years down the line!

Safety Is Our #1 Priority

A safety conscientious design keeps you fully protected from any possible harm. 

When using power tools, safety should always be a number 1 priority. And we have ensured it's ours.

Say goodbye to cuts, sparks, and burns. 

When using Husky™, you won't have to deal with any of it!

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See What Our Customers Have to Say!


"I often find myself having to shorten bolts and I used to have to run a nut or a die down the shaft first which isn't always possible if I am cutting something at surface level. With this I am able to just cut something without worrying about how I am going to fix the threads. I use this tool at work and have found that even my boss has come to me to borrow it on multiple occasions. All in all, I am confident that others will realize how useful this tool is and I believe that you will not regret purchasing this."

Ken Jones

  Very useful tool

"Very useful tool. Made of good quality steel and cuts like butter."

Dianna R.

  A quality deburring tool.

"I used to thread the nut, cut off the bolt, then restore the newly damaged threads somewhat by removing the nut. Doesn't work too bad, but this tool is even better. Doesn't take much pressure or time - just cut off the bolt, use a drill to gently deburr and champfer the tip and the nut goes back on without a problem."

- Logan M.


"This tool works great. Perfect for deburring old bolts"

Thomas L.

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Product Specs

Material: stainless steel

Color: silver

Length: 48mm

Fit Size: 8-32 bolts (.164) up to 3/4"-10 (.750) - (4mm-19mm)

Package Includes:

1 x Husky™ Deburring Tool

We're so sure you'll love your Husky™ Stainless Steel Deburring Tool, you have a 30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee if you don't.

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